Living Simply

Thoughts on living simply

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Living simply isn’t about tossing all your worldly possessions and living out of your car. It’s about meaningful, deliberate action to minimise ‘the stuff’ that clutter our everyday life.

  • The excess
  • The gifts
  • The sentimental
  • The books
  • The clothes – OMG the clothes!

And with this comes freedom. Time, space, energy, focus, health, decisions…..

Once you live with less – then you have time for more.

Don’t get me wrong. I love ‘my stuff’ too. This picture is some of my travelling treasures  which I adore and bring back great memories. But when it no longer bring me joy or I love it – it’ll be time to let them go. The memory is still with me, the item merely triggers that memory.

Of course, how do you do this with three teenagers living at home who collect their own ‘stuff’?

For me it’s about role modelling what I truly need – not what I want or desire. Never under-estimate how your actions manifest in your kids (good and bad).

Having moved 23 times since 1961 so I’ve filled a few packing boxes in my time. I’m down to my last few boxes after three years and finding peace knowing there is not ‘stuff’ haunting me in the shed. There are still decisions to be made about those 6′ tall wooden giraffes I bought in Africa or my thermos collection or the indigenous gecko from Tjanpi Desert Weavers that I love. Is it just stuff? Do I use it? No. Do I display it? Yes. Does it bring me joy? It brings a smile to my face as I reminisce about adventures past but could I live without them? Yes.

For now they’ll stay with me but as time goes on, I’ll find another home for ‘my stuff’ and spend more time living in the moment than living in the past.

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