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Fiji – luggage and bags

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My trip to Fiji was for seven days so I needed a minimal amount of clothes and extras. I was staying at The Novotel so knew there would be towels, some toiletries and so on. This meant I could reduce what I took by around 20% on other trips and therefore, decided to travel with my One Planet Traverse daypack as carry-on luggage.

I use this One Planet daypack a lot for those smaller trips. It’s volume is 38 litres which is a generous size for a short trip. I like the simplicity of this pack. Only one pocket on the top and minimal straps that annoy me because they get snagged and caught on things.

I also took a small over the shoulder tote bag that I picked up in the Op Shop that I used to hold passport, wallet and a few girlie things. This was what I took on my day walks and adventures with just the essentials.

I also take a few smaller containers for items such as chargers and earplugs. Click here to read the post.

The weight of my pack on the way over was 8kgs and on the return 8.5kgs. Considering the pack weighs 1.5 kgs that means I only carried 6.5kgs of my own gear.

Now it’s your turn. Share your stories of luggage – highs & lows – goods & bads – funny anecdotes. Leave a comment below.

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