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Fiji – toilets

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This is such an easy post to write because I found the toilets in Fiji to be mostly western style and very clean. The few squat toilets I came across in street cafes and a few stores were exceptionally clean. Of course, I may have been lucky because I’ve read where others have had bad experiences.


Hotels are always western toilets and you can expect the usual toilet paper. Rarely is there a bidet or hose as you find in some Asian countries. It’s easy to identify between men and women by their signage is in English.

When you’re out and about touring around the island it’s worthwhile bringing some of your own toilet paper or wipes. Squat toilets don’t often have any for you and not even facilities to wash your hands. I find wipes very useful, especially the handy travel ones that have about 20 in a pack.

Now it’s your turn. What experiences have you had with toilets in Fiji or anywhere else in the world for that matters. Share your stories in the comments below.

Safe travels.


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