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Myanmar (Burma) – luggage and bags

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I’m something of a luggage junkie. I love it. All shapes, sizes, styles. However, I’m not into handbags and only own two. One is a bucket bag and another a small tote for just phone & wallet.

My first backpack was a blue Berghaus travel pack. I was heading off overseas to backpack through Mongolia and to Russia. Unfortunately, I was hit by a car in Guangzhou (that’s a whole other story) and returned to Australia to recover. I still own that pack, it’s in great nick and my kids still use it going to and from their friends places for sleepovers.

When I became a professional outdoor guide I’d heard of Aiking who designed and made the first order of backpacks for my business Serendipity Outdoors. Several years ago, they rebranded to One Planet but quality is still outstanding. Now I wouldn’t use anything other designer / manufacturer. Why?

Lots of reasons:

  • It’s made in Australia and I like to support local manufacturers.
  • The quality is exceptional. I still own a pack from 1992 that’s in great nick.
  • Like the colour range – not just black!
  • The Wheelie 80 is a great size for everyday travel local or international. Can be converted into a backpack if required. Adjustable length handle is great for any size person.
  • The Wheelie Small is suitable for carry-on, I can access my laptop easily and it’s simple design makes it stylish. You can check it out here.
  • The Traverse large daypack is what I use on day trips with groups in the outdoors. Ideal for day trips or lightweight overnight trips. You can check it out here.

I like to travel with as few bags as possible. So everything has to fit into my wheelie rucksack and the rest in a satchel once again made by One Planet. I also take a few smaller containers for items such as chargers and earplugs. Click here to read the post.

They satchels were a one-off creation that came in a variety of sizes. It’s ideal for me because it limits what I take and therefore, I don’t overpack. It fits my passport & currency/credit card wallet, iPhone + a Tupperware clam shell that holds headphones and chargers, hat, Spork, water bottle (which I often clip on the outside with a karabiner), wipes, sunblock and insect repellent (the last two only once I’ve arrived at my destination not in transit on planes).

My total wheelie luggage weight when I left Australia was 10.5 kgs. On return it was 14.5 kgs. So 4 kgs of new scarves, a brass bell (2 kgs) for the front door and a monks robe (that’s another story too). My satchel weighed the same.

Now it’s your turn. Share your stories of luggage – highs & lows – goods & bads – funny anecdotes. Leave a comment below.



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