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Myanmar (Burma) – power supply and plugs

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Despite my research, thinking I was well prepared, I took to Myanmar (Burma) one adaptor. Unfortunately, it was only useful in certain hotels. It did work at Changai Airport (Singapore). However, it wouldn’t work in my hotel in Yangon. I needed a two prong as well as my three prong. Fortunately, my roomie was well equipped and I was able to tap into her USB charger as my iPhone 6+ was my sole camera.

The power sockets in Myanmar (Burma) are two or three prong. A British 3 prong adaptor worked fine as did a two pin but they are either one or the other, so bring both.

The adaptor pictured above is what my room-mate was using. The white part underneath is an Australian charger with two USB ports and a phone charger (black cord). So she merely plugged her charger into the adaptor (at the top) and then plugged it into the socket.

The picture (above) is what it looked like plugged into the wall. If you’re carrying your mobile phone, perhaps a tablet and camera, this set up is great. For anyone that is looking for one of these I took a photo of it up close to see the brand name – Jackson. (below)

This picture (below) is of a plug at some of the hotels. But don’t be fooled that the bottom one is an Australian 3 prong. It’s not. The power sockets that are of type C, D, F & G.

And now for voltage. It’s 230V and the standard frequency is 50Hz. For Australians, Kiwis & Brits, that means you can take your electrical appliances without a voltage adaptor. For everyone else, you’ll need to investigate an adaptor for the current. They aren’t too expensive and easily sourced at airports if required.

I never saw any adaptors in stores so bring what you need from home. If in doubt, bring all the adaptors you have. They weigh very little and you’ll have peace of mind that one of them will work.

I’ve also written an article on how I carry my chargers and earphones. Click here to read it.
Now it’s your turn. Share your stories of making adaptors and voltage work overseas.

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