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5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Create A Heavenly Home

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In the words of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz  ‘There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.’

And indeed that is true. There are some common phrases about home:

  • Home is where the heart is
  • Make yourself at home
  • A home away from home

Everyone wants to have a heavenly home, a refuge. A safe haven. So here are some things you can do right now to make you home your sanctuary.

  1. Remove all the things that you don’t love or bring you joy. Nothing like a good tidy up to see the real things that you value.
  2. Display things that bring a smile to your face – photos, travel trinkets, artwork, books, craftwork – most of these items are usually things you have good memories of, that you’ve made or gifts from special ones.
  3. Create rooms where people want to be – warm (or cool), inviting, comfortable, well lit – where friends enjoy visiting because the ambience is ‘just right’.
  4. As someone who works in the outdoors I know how important it is to be around nature. So bring nature indoors. Potted plants or fresh flowers.
  5. Fragrance is important for me. I burn incense all the time. Nag Champra is my favourite brand. But perhaps you like a more floral fragrance or a cinnamon one or even fragrant candles.
  6. Make your bedroom your sanctuary. It’s your space to retreat and a place where you can get some decent sleep. A good mattress, your favourite linen, comfortable pillows and whatever else that makes your bedroom special for you.
  7. Fill the cupboards with your favourite food. Fresh, tasty and something special for visitors.
  8. Lighting can make or break the atmosphere of a room. Lamps over central lighting. Tea lights in small alcoves. Experiment with different globes, locations and colours.
Postcard art on my wall

Be happier at home by making it a place in which you can connect with others.

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