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The Rose Street Market – Fitzroy

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In 2003 the Rose Street Market started in a former junkyard and since then, it’s become an icon of Fitzroy shopping. Different to many other markets, this is an outlet for up and coming artists and designers to sell their wares to locals, Melbourneites and tourists. And believe me, their wares aren’t what you’d find in mainstream stores.

Each Saturday and Sunday up to 70 creative legends set up their gazebo shelters right next to each other, squeezed in nicely giving a homely feel to the market. If you could bottle the creativity in this space you’d be an enriched person. It’s so funky that even the floor (above) grabs your attention.

What I adore about the Rose Street Market is that everyone is an authentic creator of all things beautiful. They’re not selling imported junk. They’re not selling rip-offs of other designers. They are selling high quality and innovative pieces for people of all ages affordably priced. There is something for everyone knowing that each piece is handmade / homemade by a true artisan. I was fortunate enough to speak with Susie Monite of Drunk on Water, a very talented artist whose vibrant and geometric designs are intoxicating. The picture (above) named Starship is but one of her many creations that celebrate colour and life.

There is a lot of handmade jewellery but each of the stalls are different showcasing the artisan’s individual style and talents plus the way they display their pieces is innovative and stylish.

The vibrancy of some pieces are wonderful, truly beautiful. For example, these rings by Eden and Sloane cleverly embedded in rice (below) and necklaces on a hexagon wooden slab (above) something you wouldn’t find in any everyday department store. So you can be assured that what you buy is a one off which for me, gives me more of a connection with something.

When I visited, there was some gorgeous pottery, original printworks, unique
jewellery designs, leather goods, handmade baby wear, terrariums of every shape and size, timber furniture, awesome collection of bright cards with witty greetings and more. The toughest decision is what to buy.

Another bonus of this place is being able to talk to the artisans. What’s their story? How did they get into this market? What is their passion? Putting a face to an artwork is for me – what it’s all about. For example Bhunny Designs (above) where you can make your own necklace to suit your style and colour preference. A necklace comes at a price of around $30 and considering its handmade and created designed by you, you know you’ll wear it (or have one made for a friend).

STALLHOLDERS: If you’d like to have a stall at the market, stalls can be rented on a casual basis, or on a discounted regular stall rate (more than 8 stalls a season). Regular stallholders will be given a discount off the usual asking fee of $70. For more information visit the website at Rose Street Artists’ Market apply now and you’ll find more information about the market at this website as well.

OPENING HOURS: 11 am to 5 pm every Saturday and Sunday.

LOCATION: 60 Rose Street, Fitzroy in between Brunswick and Nicholson Streets.

PARKING: Parking can be challenging but there are one hour meter parking in Brunswick Street and many of the side streets. I secured a two-hour park right out the front (yes, feeling a bit smug about that). Mid afternoon is better for parking than around lunch time.

TRANSPORT: From the city catch tram 96 from Bourke St (get off at stop 16) or 11 from Collins St. (get off at stop 17).

DISABLED ACCESS: Good disabled access from Rose Street. Aisles are wide enough for wheelchairs.

ATM: There are a few down Brunswick Street but there is a NAB one on the corner of Rose and Brunswick Street.


DOGS: I wouldn’t recommend dogs as it’s quite a tight space with stalls. Perhaps tie them up out the front but please be mindful of them on hot days.

FOOD: There are no food stalls inside but there is a great place to eat right next to the market called The Young Bloods Diner – one of the best places I’ve had brunch. There is a cafe called Graces not far away and around the corner another one but it had a queue so didn’t end up there.

TOILET FACILITIES: There are toilets inside the market or you could be cheeky and visit the Young Bloods Diner – but please buy a coffee as a thank you.


On Facebook – The Rose Street Artists’ Market

On Instagram – @therosestmarket

Twitter – @therosestmarket

Now it’s your turn. Share your stories of The Rose Street Artists’ Market. Likes, dislikes, bargains you’ve bought and people you’ve met. Leave a comment below.

Happy marketing.



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