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Upcycled tea and coffee pots – Part 1

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Oh la la, I had so much fun making these upcycled people over the last few weeks.

Like most projects, its the gathering o materials that takes the longest. Once I’d collected everything I needed, the five stacked people took no more than ten minutes to put together.

How did this all start?

I’d made a teapot tower a few years ago (below) that hands on my front porch and still gets lots of comments from people who visit.

However, I wanted to try my hand at making some people. After being fortunate enough to purchase some old catering tea and coffee pots that used to be used at Bojangles in St Kilda, I set about making something special.

In honour of Movember, I put together Marvin, Magnus and Mikkel – my three Movember men. Glasses were donated by the gorgeous Sara Fenton who runs THE best Optical centre, South Melbourne Optical. Moustaches are cut from old vinyl records. Eyes are beer bottle tops and glass stones. Hats are silver trays/platters. All glued together with Selley’s clear adhesive.

Feeling a bit smug about how great they look, I pulled out the rest of my teapots and designed these cuties whose names are from the top: Billy, Jilly, Lilly, Tilly and Willy.

Each teapot was flipped over, bolts and bead used as eyes and the lids of anodised saucepans as their hats. No glasses for these lovelies.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think? Should I make more? Any ideas on how to improve them. Are they for indoors or outdoors? Keen to hear your thoughts.

Happy creating.

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