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Toilet Roll Art with kids

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The simplest of everyday items – toilet rolls, can be turned into an afternoon of fun for kids.Yep, those forgotten rolls that are tossed in the recycling bin can be given a new life as something practical or something artistic.

Toilet rolls are easy to collect and a handy little job for toddlers and small children to be given. A good start for most activities would be a dozen. A project such as this is easily made with Sharpie pens. Little hands can hold the rolls and a pen easily.

This oh so cute zebra is made with three toilet roll painted in black and white paint and a small amount of card for ears and tail.

TIP: Some toilet rolls have adhesive on the last sheet of paper which may need carefully removing AND please only use rolls that you know are clean. If in doubt, use something like Glen-20.


Ideas are endless and you can find more great ideas on my Pinterest page here.

These little ninjas take no time at all. Paint each one leaving a small gap for the eyes (you could put a piece of sticky tape over that part). Once paint is dry, tie a drinking straw around the middle and put another one through the belt like a sword. Using a sharpie – paint the eyes and brows.

Making little seedling pots is as simple as cutting them in half, folding the base (above) adding soil and potting your seedling. Once the seedling has grown enough, they can be planted straight into the ground and the toilet roll will disintegrate.

How about these cute little gift pouches. Fold the top and bottoms in then decorate with coloured paper, googly eyes and a little string.

Gotta love this cute little Halloween zombie which you can fill with treats. Easily wrapped with white toilet paper or white fabric (use spray adhesive to help it stick). Add googly eyes and fill with sweets.

Meow! These cute little cats could also be used for Halloween. Fold the top down and if needed, stick with tape. Paint them black, glue whiskers and tail and cut some yellow paper for eyes.

These are some of my favourites. Lay the roll on its side and cut into five small round pieces. You may or may not wish to paint beforehand. Then pinch together and glue in the middle to make flowers or as below, ornaments for a special occasion.

Below are sweet little birds made with one toilet roll. Cut strips down one half of a role, these are the tails at the rear. Cut further strips to make the wings and one for the beak which is bent and eyes painted on.

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