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Upcycled veggie garden labels

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Part of Living Simply is rethinking about what’s important to you and how you can stop the treadmill of spending money on merchandise rather than just making something out of things you may already have around your home.

Sometimes identifying what veggies or herbs are in the garden can be challenging. So here are some simple, creative and cheap ways to make your own labels from everyday items. Plus you can have the kids join in and help you. These would be a nice gift for a parent or grandparent.

If you are relying on others in the family who aren’t perhaps as savvy in the garden as you, this is a great way of helping them out when you say ‘can you go pick me some basil?’

Most of these ideas are from items you’ll find around your house or at an Op Shop or secondhand store. Don’t buy new, source them elsewhere so you know it’s truly reused. And of course, there is always that feel good moment when you know that you aren’t spending $’s and reusing something and giving it another purpose.

If your garden has a theme or a particular style, then choose what works for you. The broken terracotta pots might work for some, but others it will make their skin prickly – too rough and ready.

Finding wine corks can be challenging these days, so pop on down to your nearest restaurant or pub and ask if they have any corks they can put aside for you.

Want to get the kids involved, then these dinosaurs might be a start (if they’re happy to give up their toy). It’s a nice was to engage them in plants and you could ask them where they’d like to put their label in the garden.

Some of these ideas are more of a short-term solution like the twig as they’ll break down over time whereas others will be more of a long-term creation.

Now it’s your turn. How have you labelled plants or veggies in your garden? What’s worked, what hasn’t. Leave your comments below.

Happy gardening.






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