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Upcycled tea and coffee pots – Part 2

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One item I see a lot in secondhand stores and Op Shops are tea and coffee pots. Seems to be one of those items that people buy and collect then realise they have too many and dispose of them. However, here are some clever ideas on how to give them a new life. Don’t forget those cups and saucers either, by giving them a new life too.

Here are some ways you can upcycle those pots:

  • Fountain
  • Terrarium
  • Bird feeder
  • Utensil holder
  • String holder
  • Sculpture
  • Lampshade / Light
  • Wind chime
  • Plant holder
  • Fish tank
  • Candle holder
  • Necklace holder

When I need to glue items together, I use Selleys All Clear adhesive which is available at hardware stores and even Coles supermarket. Cost is around $8 and you only need about the size of your small fingernail to glue items together. It sets in around six hours. Make sure you wipe any excess glue off the lid before sealing tight from the air. If the lid does seal tightly, use a pair of pliers to grasp the lid and turn – this usually fixes it. Worse comes to worse, puncture the tube at the base with a toothpick and use the glue then roll the end over to seal it again.

If you want to turn any items into lights or lamps, please seek professional advise from a qualified electrician. Don’t want anyone electrocuting themselves.

When I’m upcycling I like to use screws over nails and wire of fishing line. However, it really depends on whether the item is inside or out and what the tea or coffee pot is made of.

This picture (above) is great – stops that string or wool from tangling, just make sure you find a teapot that has a wide lid so you can actually get the string or wool inside. 

There are some more ideas about Teapots on Pinterest by clicking here.


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Just a note that these are not all my creations. I’ve sourced them from friends and from the internet. There are alot of talented people out there.

Now it’s your turn. What ideas can you come up with? What have you made or seen that would give a new life to a teapot? Leave a comment below.

Happy tea time.

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