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Tips and facts – Jordan

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Name of country:







Muslim (92%)


Jordanian dinar

Plug types:

Worldwide Plugs C, D, E, F, G, & J.

For more information please go here.


220v – 240v



International phone code:


Time zone:

UTC +2 hours / 8 hours behind Eastern Standard Summertime in Australia.

Drives on:



Amman’s location and altitude has a big effect on its climate. Summers in Amman (May to September) are hot and dry with cool evenings, whilst the coldest weather is in December and January with an average temperature of 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit). Rain falls between November and March with an average annual figure of 25 centimeters (10 inches). Spring is brief, mild and lasts a little less than a month, from April to May. Sometimes snow is falls on the city during spring. Autumn is also mild and lasts from September to late November or December. Note it does snow in parts of Jordan as you can see from the picture above. This was taken one hour from Petra.

Visa information:

Australian citizens need to obtain a visa which can be obtained when arriving in Jordan. If you are travelling with a group, you do not require a visa as long as you stay three days and depart together.  This was brought in recently to encourage tourism. I left the country separately from my travel group and didn’t need to pay any extra monday as was suggested to me. For more information visit here.

Flight times from Australia:

Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane around 18 hours or Adelaide around 19+ hours and Perth around 16+ hours. Flights usually go through Abu Dabi, Dubai or Doha.


It’s a personal decision and there is no obligation to tip. If you wish to show your appreciation for service, meals, a driver, it’s usually around 5% – 10%.

Internet and communication:

Most hotels have internet access albeit sometimes slow. Ensure you have adequate USB ports or chargers. Using a phone in a hotel is expensive. The mobile network is patchy but you can access it via roaming. Sending a letter or postcard is cheap and takes around two weeks for an item to arrive at its destination.


There are no health requirements to enter Jordan. See your doctor about possible typhoid medication. Take along bug repellant as mosquitoes are prevalent, but do not transmit malaria.
There are other known diseases including Hepatitis A & B, HIV/AIDS, diphtheria, tuberculosis, typhoid, tetanus and rabies. Speak to a health professional about requirements. Allow at least four weeks if you require a course of vaccinations.


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