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I thought Egypt was a place I’d be using squat toilets but I was wrong. They are certainly many squat toilets but often I would find a ‘western toilet’ for us ‘westerners’ in the larger cities and tourist areas. However, the more remote you travel, the less likely you are to find them.

Toilet at The Sphinx Cairo

At large attractions such as The Pyramids, The Sphinx, Cairo Museum you will find the toilets are excellent. Usually finished with marble or stone, they are kept immaculately clean. There is usually a cost such as one to five Egyptian pounds which you pay as you enter and you’ll be given around 5 – 10 squares of toilet paper by the attendant.

Toilet block at The Sphinx Cairo

Along with many countries, the toilets usually have a hose next to the toilet to spray yourself instead of using toilet paper as flushing toilet paper is a big No No! Over the years I’ve got used to these and would choose a toilet with one over one without. As with many countries, they like to use their left hand for hygiene.

Toilet in my room at Kings Hotel Cairo

This was probably the worst toilet I experienced in Egypt which was on the ferry from Nuweibaa in Egypt to Aqaba in Jordan (below). It was full, almost overflowing and the floor was wet which wasn’t great for the women if they were wearing niqab, burka or chador .

Below is a sign in Arabic for the women’s toilet. Remember that script – it does come in handy in remote areas.

Toilets at the Catacombs in Alexandria

These toilets pictured below are at a popular tourist attraction. Apart from being very pink, they were very clean, albeit a little dark once you got in there.

IN SUMMARY: Bring along a packet of hand wipes, the ones that hold about 20. I only used one packet in two weeks but was getting used to using the spray gun so tended to not need them. Be mindful that locals don’t flush their toilet paper, instead choosing to put it in a bin next to the toilet. Note: you will most probably have to pay some small amount of Egyptian pounds to use a toilet. Please pay it. It’s only 20c (AUST. $’s) and the women do a great job of keeping them clean. Don’t forget to wash your hands. If there’s no soap and water, use your wipes. By the way, hand sanitiser isn’t that great for getting rid of germs and wouldn’t bother bringing it along.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me of you interesting toilet travelling experiences – well the clean ones.

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