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Egypt – luggage and bags

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I’m not into shoes, handbags, makeup but I do love luggage so on this trip I gave the One Planet satchel a road test as well as taking my One Planet backpack.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I don’t like to have lots of bags that I need to keep my eye on so I take one backpack and one tote and that’s it. No camera bag, no purse, not even duty free bags. That way I have two things to keep my eye on. So far this has proved successful.

The satchels were a one-off creation that came in a variety of sizes. It’s ideal for me because it holds that little bit more than the satchel I took to Burma. Inside I have a passport wallet, currency/credit card wallet, iPhone + a Tupperware clam shell that holds headphones and chargers, hat, Spork and wipes.

Satchel & Sphinx


My total wheelie luggage weight when I left Australia was 12 kgs. On return it was 16 kgs. So 4 kgs of carpets carefully rolled and folded into my luggage. My satchel weighed the same on my return – 5kgs.

Taxis aren’t big in Egypt so taking a medium sized piece of luggage rather than large. Also, there aren’t always elevators in some hotels so keeping your bag small makes it easier to get it to the floor you need.

Now it’s your turn. Share your stories of luggage – highs & lows – goods & bads – funny anecdotes. Leave a comment below.


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