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Tunstall Square Rotary Market

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I stumbled across this market by accident having never seen it before despite living in the area for many years. It’s a small trash and treasure style market with an eclectic mix of stallholders and wares available. Funds raised have assisted Rotary in  supporting many projects and the local community.

This picture above is typical of what’s on offer. This lovely man was selling plants and succulents to raise money for Nepal. (more…)

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Fairfield Farmers’ Market

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What I love about visiting markets are the connections and community that comes with each one. United by the common love of home-grown / home-made, it brings people together and unites them. Fairfield Farmers’ Market is a great example of this.

Set amongst the grounds of Fairfield Primary School, this market has a great following from locals as well as those coming from nearby suburbs. Donation goes towards projects at the School. (more…)

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Jordan – what to wear


My trip to the Middle East in January meant the weather would be predictable and therefore, easy to pack. I left Australia with my usual One Planet backpack and 12 kgs of gear which is a little more than I would normally take but knowing the weather was going to be cold I took some warmer than usual clothes.

And I still overpacked! Mostly because I got lazy and ended up wearing the same thing every day. Unlike my trip to Burma where the only think I didn’t wear was my raincoat, this trip the list was longer:

  • Raincoat (didn’t rain)
  • Down Vest
  • Fleece pullover
  • Towel (always one at accommodation)
  • Sleeping Bag (was told I would need at Wadi Rum but blankets supplied were very warm despite -2 degrees)
  • Insect Repellent
  • Sunhat (never sunny enough)
  • Soap (always some at accommodation)


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10 Things That Happen When You Travel Solo

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The wheels touch down on the tarmac, the seat belt sign turns off and people start disembarking the plane. Gulp! This is it . The time has come to venture into the customs, baggage collection and arrivals, then to somewhere you’ve never been before. And you don’t know anyone.

Whether it’s a business trip to New York, a tour in Europe, a research program in South America or backpacking through the Australian Outback, here are 10 things that WILL happen to anyone that travels solo.

What am I doing!?!?  (more…)