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Three words that will put me in a spin

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‘Let’s go shopping’.

  • I’m not into fashion.
  • I’m not into makeup.
  • I’m not into shoes.
  • I’m not into handbags.

However, I am into:

  • Markets
  • Op Shops
  • Vintage & retro furniture
  • Recycled industrial wares
  • Book shops
  • Hardware stores

Garage Sale find

I finding going to a shopping centre or mall torture. People visit these places for recreation! Can you believe it? Strolling through stores, stopping at cafes and spending money. I usually shop with purpose and know what I need rather than what I want. At a market, I stroll through looking at trinkets and wares but tend to buy things like fresh flowers, bag of cashews or perhaps some in season fruit. I can be occasionally tempted by what’s on sale but these days it’s rare.

I recently visited a large shopping centre with over 100 stores and the only one I was interested in was a place I had a half hour massage. Otherwise all those gift shops, nail salons, homeware stores, jewellery shops, clothing stores and so on – just does not interest me.

But if you want to see me all antsy just say, “Deb let’s go shopping”.

Now it’s your turn – what puts you into a spin? Leave a comment below.



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