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10 Ways Not To Be An Annoying Tourist

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Over the years I’ve seen, heard and smelt some pretty dreadful ‘tourists’ that can make me want to crawl under a rock until they are gone. Folks, if you’re travelling overseas, particularly in a country where you don’t understand the language and the culture – curb your idiosyncrasies and try to blend in.

An example would be in Burma where I spotted a couple at a monastery where it was clearly stated to cover up. But no, they wore cut off denim shorts and a tank top for her and long slung shorts with a muscle shirt for him. This blatant disregard was cringe worthy and despite a discreet comment by their guide, they laughed it off and continued into the monastery as if the local customs didn’t apply to them. Yowsers!

Now I’m not here to be the Proper Police but there are a few steps you can take to travel without looking like a dick and be respectful to the people in that country. Remember, you are representing your country – an unofficial ambassador so make a good impression. (more…)

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The Gully Market – Ferntree Gully

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Whether you live atop the mountain or at the bottom, it’s worth a visit to this market at the base of the Dandenongs held every Saturday and Sunday which has been running for over 40 years.

Brimming with fresh produce and plants, this is a great market you can visit regularly to top up the pantry and fridge or pick up those plants you need for the garden. These Xanthorrhoea pictured (below) are an example of the quality available. (more…)

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Grass Roots Market

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I love a good community market and this is one of them. The Grass Roots Market in Upwey is a must visit because it’s truly local, you can meet the lovely stallholders and share in their stories. and try out the fantastic food and coffee on site.

Located in the heart of Upwey, this market has been running for a number of years and has a loyal following from locals and from those on the fringes of Melbourne. With products like pictured above and below – you can see why.

Living Simply

Clothes vs Fashion


My clothing needs are simple. Comfort and practical. However, I have a job that requires me to dress corporate and fashionable on some days and in fleece and walking boots the next. So how do I buy clothes for corporate wear without comprising my personality of being a relaxed, easy-going kind of person. I want to present myself professionally but also authentically.

I’ve put together below a bit about my wardrobe and how I pull this off with as little fuss as possible. (more…)