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Tips and facts – Iceland

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Name of country:





Icelandic. English is spoken widely.


Predominantly Christian


Icelandic króna but they will accept the Euro and give you change in Icelandic króna

Plug types:

Worldwide C, E & F

For more information please go here.


220v – 240v



International phone code:


Time zone:

UTC +0 hours / 11 hours behind Eastern Standard Summertime in Australia.

Drives on:



The chilliest thing about Iceland is its name! Despite its northerly location, Iceland is really more solar than polar, thanks to the warming effects of the Gulf Stream which provides a temperate climate year round. Icelandic weather is unusually volatile however. The Gulf Stream brings mild Atlantic air in contact with colder Arctic air, resulting in frequent and abrupt weather shifts where you may experience four seasons in one day. The Icelanders often say, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 15 minutes and you’ll get something different.” Iceland does not have a rainy season, but precipitation peaks in October to February, with the southern and western parts receiving the most rainfall. The North, East and Interior experience colder winter temperatures but warmer summers, and noticeably less snow and rain. Iceland’s most influencing weather element is the wind. The Icelandic language describes at least eight different degrees of wind, from logn (calm breeze) to rok (strong gale).

Visa information:

Australian, British, Canadian, USA & EU citizens do not need to obtain a visa prior to arriving in Iceland.  For more information click here.

Flight times from Australia:

Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane around 35 hours 10 and usually go via Heathrow (UK).  Times depend on airline, where you stop over and how long you are in transit at the stop over.


Tipping is never ever expected, but like everywhere in the world, appreciated. If you want to tip anyway, there’s nothing stopping you from doing so. Icelanders are as a whole a fairly well travelled lot themselves and they are familiar with the concept of tipping. They will almost always accept tips based on that.

Internet and communication:

Most hotels have internet access and the connection is secure and fast. Ensure you have adequate USB ports or chargers. Using a phone in a hotel is expensive.


Ensure you have had your routine vaccinations that you would have in your home country.


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  • We loved Iceland and found it very easy to drive around – almost no traffic other than tourists. The scenery is jaw dropping and so spectacular you just want to keep looking. The waterfalls are amazing and the best in the world. We highly recommend everyone to go visit. It is expensive but still worth it.


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