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Tips and facts – Qatar

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Name of country:







Sunni Islan



Plug types:

Worldwide G & D

For more information please go here.


220v – 240v



International phone code:


Time zone:

UTC +3 hours / 8 hours behind Eastern Standard Summertime in Australia.

Drives on:



Qatar has a dry, subtropical desert climate, with low annual rainfall and intensely hot and humid summers. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Qatar, when temperatures are warm but not hot and the evenings can be pleasantly cool. June to September is oven-temperature hot and best avoided. – the average temperature for June, July and August is around 42ºC (108ºF), buts it’s not unusual for the mercury to reach an eye-wateringly high 50ºC (122ºF). In the winter months, temperatures are cooler but still warm, with the average around 23ºC from December to February. Almost all rainfall occurs during the winter months, mostly in heavy cloudbursts and thunderstorms. Because Qatar is such a small country, there is little regional variation in the weather, although coastal areas may be slightly cooler than inland.

Visa information:

All visitors to Qatar require a visa, and certain passengers are eligible for visas on arrival. When travelling from Qatar, all expatriate residents, as well as some visitors, must have exit permits. For your own convenience and comfort, it’s best to confirm these requirements before starting your journey. – See more at: http://dohahamadairport.com/airport-guide/at-the-airport/visas-immigration#sthash.aj1zvL2j.dpufAustralian passport holders can apply for a 30 day visa upon arrival in Qatar. The visa fee is currently QR100 and is payable by credit card only.

Flight times from Australia:

Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane around 14 hours 15 minutes direct.


Most Resteraunts in Qatar include a service charge with the bill. However, the people providing the service usually don’t receive it. Therefore, it’s appreciated to tip about 10-15% in restaurants. If dining in hotels, it is not necessary to tip, but it’s a nice gesture. A service charge of 10% is usually added to hotel and restaurant bills in Qatar, in which case tipping is not necessary. However if there is no service charge a 10% tip is appreciated. Taxi drivers do not expect a tip, but it is good to round off the amount due.

Internet and communication:

Qatar is the second most connected country in the Arab region. Ensure you have adequate USB ports or chargers. Using a phone in a hotel is expensive. The mobile network is patchy but you can access it via roaming. Sending a letter or postcard is cheap and takes around two weeks for an item to arrive at its destination.


No vaccinations are a health requirement for entry to Qatar, but it is recommended that visitors be up to date with routine vaccinations. Modern medical care and medicine is available in Doha. Doctors and hospitals expect immediate cash payment for medical services, and treatment is expensive; it is advisable for travellers to hold comprehensive medical insurance. Traveller’s diarrhoea is a risk, therefore visitors should drink bottled water and avoid under-cooked food and unwashed fruit and vegetables, particularly outside of the hotels and resorts.


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