Month: October 2016

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Why you should take your kids camping

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Yes, I know I work in the outdoors and it’s my profession but I see everyday the benefits of spending time outside of the confines of four walls, particularly looking at a screen (which yes, I have to do like most people too). 

More importantly, I recent went through a traumatic experience and the event that got my head back into a good space was a day in the outdoors with some colleagues. We drove, we walked, we talked, we walked some more, chatted with locals, explored, had a lovely toasted cheese and tomato sandwich and latte for lunch and picked some pine cones from under a large tree. It was the best tonic anyone could have prescribed. Time in the outdoors. (more…)

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12 Travelling Tips With Kids on Planes

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Don’t you just love airports, security, queues, expensive food and drinks, get ont he plane, finding your seat, waiting for others to put their oversized carry on into the overhead lockers and then the whole flying experience. Reverse that, getting off – seatbelts snapped off before the sign says so, phones turned on, people immediately standup and grab their luggage and wait – just wait. Then the shuffle out of the plane, wait at the luggage carousel hoping yours will be out before others but inevitably not.


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Rotary Op Shop – Surrey Hills

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I have passed this Op Shop so many times, meaning to drop in but always on a mission to somewhere else. At last, I made the time and what a treat it was.

The staff are absolutely delightful and full of enthusiasm and passion for Rotary and what it has to offer the community. As volunteers they put a lot of work into making the store well displayed and the layout of fashion (Spring Racing Carnival time) was excellent.

What I found surprising was the amount of items that are brand new, mostly with tags still on them and selling for a bargain. Some of the shoes were stunning, even though I’m not into high heels, they looked brand new and ready for someone to snap them up.




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Nunawading Art & Craft Market

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Since 1985, people have descended to onto the grounds of the Civic Centre to buy their weekly produce, pick up a special gift for someone or just chat with the locals. Stalls are outside in the front carpark but there are also a number of stalls inside as well. Venture in and browse around. Here you’ll find women knitting, crocheting, sewing, beading, inviting you to sample their wares.

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