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Snake Bite First Aid from an Outdoor Educator

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I’m a professional Outdoor Educator and have been since 1989. I’ve never seen a lot of snakes in my line of work but my friends say that’s because I’m too busy being bitten by them rather than seeing them. So here is the story of how I’ve come to be bitten twice and what I call an occupational hazard in our industry.

The first one was in my backyard in 1991 in that well forested and bushy suburb of Ashwood (not!). The juvenile brown snake bit my hand while I was fishing under the shed for star pickets. It was clear that it hadn’t envenomated but still a trip to ED was required. Tick – home within an hour. (more…)

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MECWA Op Shop – Auburn

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Each MECWAcare store has its own personality reflecting the location, its staff and volunteers. The stores all share in the same ideal, offering quality second-hand and vintage products and clothing, at prices not found in the high street stores.

From designer label dresses, kitchen and household utensils or just a good book to curl up with – you are sure to find something to take home when you visit one of our three MECWAcare Opportunity Shops.

All funds raised through the sale of goods in the Opportunity Shops go towards MECWAcare‘s important work with older people and people with a disability.


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15 Signs You’re An Adventurer, An Explorer, A Traveller


I’m always so glad to home to my own bed and the next morning, I’m thinking about my next trip. What’s it like for you? How do you know if you’re an Adventurer or an Explorer or a Traveller? I know because of the list below. You may have more to add. Some of these might not fit with you. But I guarantee that some of these will sit with you deeply and connect with you.

So here goes:

1. Planning the trip is gets you excited and revved up for travelling

Whether you make it up as you go along, go through a travel agent to book it all or are part of a tour, it’s all in the pre trip stuff that gets the juices flowing. What route will I take, where will I stay, who will I meet, will there be toilets and so on. The exploring of what is ahead of you is so much fun. I remember travelling to Burma on an Intrepid Trip and was buddied up with another woman of a similar age. We got along well without living in each others pockets. When you fart on the en suite and know your new travel buddy heard it – the barriers are dropped and a different friendship begins. (more…)

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Top 10 life lessons from travelling

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Having travelled to…..well lots of countries, I know the benefits of unravelling your life amongst strangers and unusual locations. It definitely puts me outside my comfort zone which means I learn more about myself and the world around me. As I get older I get braver, but in some ways more conservative as I’m no spring chicken anymore.

St Marks Square Venice 2016

Every trip is an adventure and I learn more about myself sometimes than the country I’m visiting. What I do know is that travelling is the best way to expand your view of the world, take you out of the bubble that is your home town and explore different food, cultures, traditions, religions, celebrations and more.

Here are some of the reasons I believe travelling will bring your some wonderful life lessons.