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Seaside Seconds Op Shop – Anglesea

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This Op Shop is not only well-loved by the seasonal tourists but the locals love coming here as well. I’ve been visiting Seaside Seconds for many years and each few months when I return I see the smallest changes – a room added on, clothing racked up better, books sorted by author and so on.

I’m always astounded how busy this small strip of shops in Anglesea gets hammered in tourist season. There is a small supermarket / bottle shop, two dress shops, a homeware store, pharmacy, newsagent, two bakeries, a few cafes etc. etc. but it would take you 2o minutes at the most to stroll from one end to the other moving in and out of the shops.

Pauline O’Dwyer who has lived in Anglesea a very long time is the full-time manager since it’s inception in 2003. According to her staff, she is wonderful at her job and her team. She’s a hands on woman who helps out sorting and pricing as well as organising volunteer rosters. Plus she connects with the local businesses and communities about caring and supporting for those in need.

Now let’s get down to the guts of this place because two days ago this place was buzzing with people (28 December). As usual there is a video tape and book stall out the front which I know many of the local holiday homes still have VCR’s for their tenants. My friend owns a very small holiday house and she only stocks it with Seaside Seconds bargains.

Need a wetsuit to try on, then there are plenty out the back but you can also walk through the Beachfront Caravan Park and people will have them for sale outside their tents, campers and caravans at reasonable prices.

On a quick head count there were 52 people in the store from front to back. The store has a central area and then there are a couple of off shoots at the rear and one that has nothing but books, books, books.

Be prepared to troll and delve through the racks and shelves to find things particularly because everything is labelled well. So if you’re looking for knitting needles – they’ll be somewhere labelled.

View from one end of the shop to the other – but there is more out the back

I used to camp at the Beachfront Caravan Park and quite a few times made a dash to the Op Shop to grab that fitted sheet I forgot to put in or cutlery left behind. Even when I take groups on camp in the area, if we are short of sun hats or footwear, I can always rely on finding what I need here.

I found a lovely Penguin Books tin (pic) but the price was in permanent marker which is a bit of a bugger and this seems to be the case for a few things. I understand why but it is a pain if it’s something you’ll use alot.

I’d give yourself a good half hour if not more if you’re a serious Op Shopper. Try to go first thing in the morning or later in the day when there are fewer people. Also check the hours as they can differ seasonally.

Price wise – so far it’s reasonable but I have noticed it creeping up and up. There is an old hair dryer that is still on the shelf which was there a few years ago but has a hefty price tag on it. I watched the exchange of $’s for ten minutes when I visited and over $300 was taken over the counter and many of these items were quite small.

OMG such great baby clothes. Why would you buy anything new. Excellent condition too.

Big plus is that the staff are lovely. Big minus is that it’s shut on a Sunday when many tourists are out and about looking to spend their big dollars.

Anyone for a spoon

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Saturday 9:30 am4:00 pm. Sunday closed. 

LOCATION: 71 Great Ocean Road, Anglesea

Anyone need a knife?

PHONE: (03) 5263 1687

PARKING: There is plenty of parking out the front with a one hour limit but in peak periods is can be challenging. You can try parking across the road near the bowling club which is free. Be patient – you’ll find something.

TRANSPORT: There is good public transport via bus from Geelong. Check local timetables for buses here.

DISABLED ACCESS: Good disabled access but some of the rows can be tight and in busy times it would be too hard. If you are in a wheelchair or use a cane, you wouldn’t be able to access the rear of the store which has steps.

Appliances galore

ATM: There is a Commonwealth Bank ATM a few doors down. The shop only takes cash.


DOGS: Just tie them up outside in the shade and please clean up any mess they make. Be mindful of them in hot weather.

TOILET FACILITIES: Nearest toilets are across the road. Note the funky artwork on the doors.


For those who still own a record player

Website: Anglesea Baptist

On Facebook – Seaside Op Shop

On Instagram @seasidesecondsopshop

Twitter – no account but #seasidesecondopshop

DONATIONS: Please drop off donations during business hours. If there are heavy or large items please speak to the staff first as there isn’t room for very large furniture items such as couches or wardrobes.

Now it’s your turn. Share your stories of Seaside Seconds Op Shop. Likes, dislikes, bargains you’ve bought and people you’ve met. Leave a comment below.

Happy hunting

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