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Tips and Facts – Australia

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Name of country:

Australia (the header picture is from my front deck area – Up to 20 cockatoos a day)






Christian + many more


Australian dollars. We have one of the most beautiful, colourful notes in the world and invented the plastic note. The $1 and $2 notes and 1c and 2c coins were abandoned in the mid 80’s.

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Plug types:

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Worldwide I

For more information please go here.





International phone code:


Time zone:

UTC + 9.30 hours

Drives on:



Australia is a very big country and therefore, we have a lot of different climate conditions. The middle of the country is basically one big desert so most people live along the coastline along the eastern seaboard.

The climate can vary from east to west, with different strengths in the sun’s rays, winds and even night temperatures. Mostly we think of having four seasons across the country expect up in the tropical north where it’s either the wet or dry season.

All our seasons are opposite to those in the northern hemisphere. December to February is summer although we’ve had high 30’s in October and March. March to May is autumn – my favourite season. Warmish days, cooler nights. June to August is winter but the cold weather can be as early as April and extend through to November. September to November is spring, traditionally with higher rainfall.

If you want to know more about the weather, go to the official Australian Bureau of Meteorology website here.

Visa information:

You will require a visit to enter Australia from any country, although if from New Zealand you can get one upon arrival. For more information please click here.

Flight times from Australia:

Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane around 13 hours 30 minutes direct.


Tipping isn’t common in Australia. By all means, tip good service but it’s not expected.

Internet and communication:

Internet cafés are around and in hotels, hostels and accommodation you’ll usually need a password. I don’t find the network as fast as some countries such as Vietnam but it works pretty solid.


The water is very safe to drink anywhere, although if you’re going bushwalking off the beaten track, I’d take a steriliser with you or Micropur. Bottled water is expensive so just bring your own water bottle and fill up anywhere. The food is fabulous and highly unlikely you will get sick from eating locally. Australia has very high hygiene standards in the food industry. The health care system in Australia is one of the best in the world. I recently sprained my ankle and thumb in a fall. From home to hospital back to home took two and a half hours. Pain relief at triage, physiotherapist review for 20 minutes, x-rays of ankle and foot + finger. Strapping tape, taught how to use crutches and then a final sign off by the head surgeon on my x-rays. No breaks but bad sprain. Plus I had an appointment with the plastics surgeon 10 days later.  Also a medical certificate for two days off work. All of this – free!


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