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123 Retro Antique Market – Geelong

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After trolling through the Geelong Vintage Market, you can pop in next door and have an equally fantastic experience at 123 Retro Antique Market.

It’s not quite up to scratch as the one next door but I have a feeling it’s still finding it’s place, getting good stallholders in to make it something special.

This stuffed dog scared the life out of me when I entered. When I returned two days later – it was sold! Hmm, where does one put one of these?

I trolled through the store trying to take my time but also wanting to see as much as I can. I often will do two laps of a place like this to get a feel for it and then explore stallholders stock in more details. This frou frou dress above truly caught my eye.

Plus, if I ever needed a Mini Mee punching bag (didn’t know they existed) then I can always return although I’m sure someone will have snatched it up by now.

My mind kept returning to childhood memories such as sitting in an exact replica of this chair when I was five years old?

This place also has more mainstream furniture at the rear of the store. You can see from this photo above and below that there are regular office and home furniture items for sale. Check the prices as I’m not sure if they are competitive or not.

These items slightly distracted from the authenticity of the warehouse but I also know as someone who has run businesses that sometimes you need to stock what’s around to make ends meet. I hope in the future this sort of stuff isn’t in there because it devalues the integrity of what 123 is about.

Take the time to really look into these cabinets. They are looked as I imagine theft is inevitable, but some of the treasures are truly unique.

Just want this so I can toss my jacket and scarf on it every night after work. Staff are truly delightful, helpful and friendly. No question was to silly and were very good at pointing me in the right direction for particular items I was looking for.

Stallholders who make a theme with colour or like-minded items always catch my eye and explore more deeply so see what might take my fancy.I’m sure my 18 yo was sick of me saying ‘OMG my nana used to have one of those’ or ‘I remember mum having one of those on the kitchen bench’ or ‘that picture was on my wall in the 70’s’.

You can easily spend a minimum of an hour here and would recommend you wear comfortable shoes and bring a drink bottle. Camera is useful if you want to compare items from one stallholder to the other.

If you’re bringing young children to have snacks, food and ways of keeping them happy as some stalls have seriously beautiful breakable wares.

This is not an Op Shop, it’s a place where people set up their own individual stalls and sell their wares, but stallholders don’t stay there all day. They know the value of what they have but may be open to negotiation. In saying that, the prices are cheaper than you would pay at a true antique store.

If you meet the stallholder, have a chat to them. They often know the history and providence of their wares and it’s fascinating to know where something has come from.

What will you find? Oh the list is so long and I took photos to cover many of the different stalls but generally it covers:

  • Antiques
  • Retro and Vintage homewares
  • Retro and Vintage furniture
  • Retro and Vintage office ware
  • Shabby and French Chic
  • Industrial furniture, bits and bobs
  • Old tools and garage items
  • Lots of beautiful glassware
  • Books, Records and Comics
  • Jewellery
  • Large furniture items
  • Kitsch is everywhere
  • Signs
  • Artwork and prints
  • Old tins
  • Blankets, lace, doilies and linen

OPENING HOURS: 9.30 am to 5 pm every day including weekends. Closed Christmas Day.

PHONE: 0475 884 069

LOCATION: Entry via Mackey Rd First driveway to your left and look for Shed 3 and the Golden Lions Head

PARKING: Parking is plentiful out the front with no time restrictions.

TRANSPORT: You can catch a bus that stops right on Melbourne Road.

DISABLED ACCESS: Good disabled access and most of the store is wheelchair accessible. Some aisles are narrow.

ATM: The nearest ATM is some distance away. However, they do take credit cards.


DOGS: Not allowed inside. Do not leave your dog in the car for safety reasons. If needed, tie the dog up outside and put some water out for it.

FOOD: There is The Pickers Union Cafe right next door to the Geelong Vintage Market and has a lovely atmosphere and nice menu.

TOILET FACILITIES: There are toilets inside the market. Please ask staff for directions.


Website – no website – Facebook is their medium

Email: info@123retro.net

On Facebook – 123RetroAntiques

On Instagram – click here #123retroantiques

On Twitter – no account but #123retroantiques

Now it’s your turn. Share your stories of 123 Retro Antique Bazaar. Likes, dislikes, bargains you’ve bought and people you’ve met. Leave a comment below.

Happy hunting!

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