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How Bazaar Antiques – North Geelong

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Unlike many of the trendier Secondhand places look upmarket and funky but don’t let the exterior put you off. This is place is a treasure trove of eclectic pieces for everyone in the family.

Note: this place is probably more for blokes than chicks but as someone who loves everything old, vintage, retro, recycled, repurposed, upcycled, restored and quirky – I found this place brilliant.

I’m never really on the hunt for anything in particular although I may start an anodised syphon collection. So wandering through the aisles with no mission in mind, this place took some time to get through – all 1000sq metres of it.

For example, I came across this drawers which are from old sewing machines. They were full of door knobs and handles and other items but I wanted the boxes. Stopped this lovely guy who was happy to help me out. When I asked about large letters – I needed an L and R, he knew exactly where to look. Bonus! Staff that know their contents. That’s what 20 years in the business does.

With such a great range of all items, if you’re particularly interested in say locks and keys (see above), then make some time to visit here as they really do have a great range and as stock moves quickly, there will always be something for you to find.

Found this gem – Roger Daltrey album in excellent condition. Regret that I didn’t buy it just for the cover.

You can see from this picture above that you need to look up and around as there are so many interesting and eye catching pieces here.

Traditional items like furniture are here and of excellent quality. This dining table and chairs were particularly nicely restored.

Please note that this isn’t like all the other big markets that the place is full of individual stallholders – this is owned by a family who’ve put in alot of effort and time to collect a great range of items.

This pic above highlights the blokeyness of the place. That’s not a criticism. In fact, it’s a real attraction for people. I equally saw as many women as men in the Bazaar.

You can easily spend a minimum of an hour here. If you’re bringing young children to have snacks, food and ways of keeping them happy as some stalls have seriously beautiful breakable wares.

What will you find? Oh the list is so long and I took photos to create a list but here are just some of the items:

  • Antiques
  • Retro and Vintage homewares
  • Retro and Vintage furniture
  • Industrial furniture, bits and bobs
  • Old tools and garage items
  • Glassware
  • Books, Records and Comics
  • Car magazines
  • Signs
  • Old tins
  • Military items
  • Locks, door handles, keys

OPENING HOURS: 9am  – 5:30pm  Weekdays and 10am – 5:30pm Weekends

PHONE: (03) 5278 5453 or Mobile: 0418 510 977

LOCATION: 308 Melbourne Road, North Geelong,

Email: info@howbazaarantiques.com.au

PARKING: Parking is plentiful out the front with no time restrictions.

TRANSPORT: There are buses that drop you off right out the front.

DISABLED ACCESS: There are a few steps into the building and then down into the main part but they have a sign out the front saying if you need access, they will help. Aisles are generous in size for wheelchairs or with a frame. narrow.

ATM: The nearest ATM is some distance away. However, they do have eftpos facilities at the Bazaar.


DOGS: Not allowed inside. Do not leave your dog in the car for safety reasons. If needed, tie the dog up outside and put some water out for it.

FOOD: There are no food stalls.

TOILET FACILITIES: There are toilets inside the market. Please ask staff for directions.


Website – Click here

On Facebook – How Bazaar Antiques

On Instagram – how.bazaar.antiques  #howbazaarantiques

On Twitter – @how.bazaar.antiques OR #howbazaarantiques

Now it’s your turn. Share your stories of How Bazaar Antiques. Likes, dislikes, bargains you’ve bought and people you’ve met. Leave a comment below.

Happy hunting!

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