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Northcote Lions Economy Shop – Thornbury

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This is something of a scrappy Op Shop and I doubt they sell much here because it’s so disorganised and frankly a little smelly.

The Lions is a community service organisation and this Op Shop is run by volunteers. The store opened in 1971 which was originally leased but they purchased the property  in recent years.

Like all Lions Club work, they care about the community and those less fortunate than others, so any money raised will be put to good use.

If you’re after bargains be prepared to spend some time hunting through things as it’s not well laid out or organised. These lovely doilies and linen items would be better displayed that would attract those vintage lovers.

You can see from the pic above that there are a variety of items on sale including this bike but behind that there is a clothes rack, two sets of drawers and more. Again, take your time to explore.

You can see from this pic above that the store is kinda all over the place. Furniture, bric-a-brac, lights, magazines, shoes etc. are scattered through the store. There is some order to it but it’s a little grubby the way it’s laid out.

I long for those Op Shops where a smiling senior citizen’s face greeted you at the door, you could have a chat and them, they’d tell you great stories of their time in the store or just life generally. Ah, I’m getting nostalgic.

I was only writing the other day about the wine bottle carriers and how they were so common in Op Shops but hadn’t seen any for a while. Big mistake. Look how many are just on this shelf (below).

The staff kept to themselves and didn’t say a word to me. As usual, I say ‘thank you’ as I walk out but they ignored me. They seemed to be in their own world.

Save me from items like this above. Potpourri isn’t in fashion and will most probably never come back. So tip out the potpourri and display them in a more pleasing manner.

OPENING HOURS: 10 am – 2 pm Monday to Friday. 9 am – 1 pm Saturday.  Sunday -closed.

LOCATION: 735 High St, Thornbury

PHONE: (03) 9484 3584

PARKING: There is plenty of parking out the front but there is a time limit. Otherwise park near Aldi in the carpark 50m away.

TRANSPORT: There are trams right out the front – click here for more info.

DISABLED ACCESS: Good disabled access but would be tight in a wheelchair.

ATM: There is a NAB one at 658 High Street and a Commonwealth nearby as well. You can also try the shopping centre off Darebin Road for more ATM’s.


DOGS: Just tie them up outside in the shade and please clean up any mess they make. Be mindful of them in hot weather.

TOILET FACILITIES: There are toilet facilities only 50m away. Follow the signs or ask in the shop. .


Facebook -no account

No Instagram but #northcotelionsopshop

WEBSITE: Lions Club

DONATIONS: Please deliver donations during business hours if possible. No socks or underwear due to health regulations.

Now it’s your turn. Share your stories of the the Northcote Lions Economy Shop. Likes, dislikes, bargains you’ve bought and people you’ve met. Leave a comment below.

Happy hunting.

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