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Salvos Op Shop – Geelong

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Now I try not to review these larger chain Op Shops because they are often trashy and over priced but a dear Op Shopping friend said this was a must visit and I wasn’t disappointed.

This store has been styled by the Salvos team and they’ve done a superb job of making it easy to walk through, know where things are and have an easy Op Shopping experience.

I was firstly taken with the large space and how easy it was to get around within the store. Plenty of space to stroll and explore.

These cute and cleverly designed presentations of stock are eye catching and certainly something that kept me staying in the store.

For example, this lamp was sooooo gorgeous with each of the green books spiked onto the lamp stand – which actually worked as a real lamp. Very funky.

How can one not love these reels above and have something inside you feel a little warm and fuzzy?

The menswear is in excellent condition and they’ve clearly vetted only the good items for the store.

Items are by colour and the range is excellent from business to casual wear and apparently they staff change the stock for the seasons.

Now this is a clever way of recycling belts that probably will never sell. This is the counter and the front of it is decorated with them.

Towards the rear of the store are plenty of kitchen ware items and once again, a nice display of lights, retro kitchen items and a vintage suitcase.

Matching bags and shoes like this is eye catching but the table underneath wasn’t for sale unfortunately. Very funky.

I thought I was the only one who hung their scarves like this. It’s called a ‘cats paw’ or ‘larks foot’ knot and easy to do and probably the best way of hanging scarves over a rod or ladder.

The staff are exceptional, helpful and themselves very creative. Lovely to chat to and talk about the store and how it’s grown over the last six months.

OPENING HOURS: 9 m – 5.30pm Monday to Friday. 9am – 3pm Saturday.  Sunday -closed.

LOCATION: 16-18 Malop Street, Geelong

PHONE: (03) 5221 5828

PARKING: There is plenty of parking in Malop Street but it is metered parking.

TRANSPORT: Plenty of buses coming in and out of Geelong.

DISABLED ACCESS: Good disabled access into the store. At the rear of the store this is a ramp to another section.

ATM: There are plenty of ATM’s within the vicinity.


DOGS: Just tie them up outside in the shade and please clean up any mess they make. Be mindful of them in hot weather.

TOILET FACILITIES: Please ask the staff at the counter for the nearest toilets.

SOCIAL MEDIA:  Facebook click here.

No Instagram but #salvoopshopgeelong

WEBSITE: Salvo Op Shop

DONATIONS: Please deliver donations during business hours if possible.

Now it’s your turn. Share your stories of the Salvos Op Shop in Malop Street, Geelong. Likes, dislikes, bargains you’ve bought and people you’ve met. Leave a comment below.

Happy hunting.

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