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Reclaimed – Collingwood

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I can’t stop dropping into this little treasure trove of goodies set in the not so trendy end of Johnston Street Collingwood. But – it’s starting to find its mojo and more and more funky places are popping up nearby.

Went in last week and was greeted by a lovely woman with her two dogs – Bacon and Googey. My daughter was totally charmed by the long-haired dachshund and when we got home, she was googling where to buy one.

Reclaimed was once a gallery that according to their website was a ‘space into a go-to spot for retro revivalists.’ Now this place attracts those who are looking for that something unique and special that they can display or use or repurpose into something else.

Whether its furniture, signage, kitchen items, letters (which is what I was after), ladders, cutlery or anything else – try browsing. Feel free to ask the staff because they often know where something is that you may not see at first sight.

Rick is known for making furniture from reclaimed items and will make custom items to order.

This is not like Nook or Used Pty. Ltd. further up Johnston Street. It has a much more earthy feel, a place where stock seems to come and go quickly without having to spruce it up much for people to see the beauty in an item.

Children are welcome in the store but make sure they are careful around some of the more delicate items OR some items are stacked or racked and a good bump and there might be a tumble of for example – ladders.

What will you find here?

  • Retro and Vintage homewares
  • Retro and Vintage furniture
  • Industrial furniture, bits and bobs
  • Old tools and garage items
  • Industrial signage
  • Large furniture items
  • Ladders
  • Industrial lighting

OPENING HOURS: 11 am to 6 pm Monday to Sunday

PHONE: (03) 9417 0100 Rick: 0407 183 242 or Jane: 0439 348 877

LOCATION: 191-193 Johnston Street, Collingwood (Hoddle Street end)

PARKING: Parking is pretty good out the front but there are time restrictions so note them before getting out of your car. There are no meters.

TRANSPORT: There are buses that go along Hoddle Street and Johnston Street. Click here for more information.

DISABLED ACCESS: Good disabled access if you are say, using a frame or crutches but not in a wheelchair.

ATM: You can pay by using eftpos, cash or credit card. There are a number of ATM’s along Johnston Street.


DELIVERY: Reclaimed can arrange delivery if you live a reasonable distance at your expense. Please discuss with the staff regarding freight arrangements and the companies that they use.

DOGS: Well, I could say dogs aren’t allowed inside but there were two gorgeous dogs inside (the owners dogs). I would say no, because there are some fragile items but if it’s a small dog you may be able to carry it. Ask the person at the desk. Do not leave your dog in the car for safety reasons. If needed, tie the dog up outside and put some water out for it.

FOOD: You can get refreshments and light snacks at some of the cafes that are sprinkled along Johnston Street.

TOILET FACILITIES: There are toilets at some of the cafes but you may need to buy a coffee.


Website – Reclaimed

On Facebook – Reclaimed

On Instagram – No account but #reclaimedcollingwood

On Twitter – No account

Imgrum – Reclaimed

Now it’s your turn. Share your stories of Reclaimed in Collingwood. Likes, dislikes, bargains you’ve bought and people you’ve met. Leave a comment below.

Happy hunting!

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