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Salvos Op Shop – Camberwell

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Okay, I was sucked into this store because I’ve seen it for the last 10 years on a Sunday morning when I visit the Camberwell Market. The place overflows with donations that are often picked through by odd bods.

I hadn’t been inside for a few years but thought it was worthy of an inspection, despite my apprehension of these chain store Op Shops.

The layout was good and as usual, in order but there is SOOOOO much stock, I find it somewhat overwhelming. In saying that though, there were plenty of people scrounging through racks and shelves to find bargains.

The displays were good like this outfit above. I appreciate the effort that staff put in to make items look more appealing and attractive.

Love the colour layout. Always. Green here…..

I’m a big fan of grouping things by colour and this is a great example. I’m attracted to items by colour and so this really works for me.

Shoes – OMG why would you buy shoes when there are so many available in Op Shops. I think it’s because women realised that they can’t walk in those ‘heels’ but this is from someone who doesn’t own a pair.

Lots of sunglasses and jewellery in this store and it’s well displayed yet I’m not attracted to it. There were a few women who were interested though so it does have merit.

The staff are lovely and can help you’re after anything in particular. And of course, they always like a chat and a hello.

OPENING HOURS: 9am – 5.30pm Monday to Thursday. 9am – 7pm Friday.  9am – 5pm Saturday.  Sunday – closed.

LOCATION: 529 Riversdale Road, Camberwell

PHONE: (03) 9882 3774

PARKING: There is plenty of parking at the rear of the building in either the Target carpark of the central carpark where the Camberwell Market is held on a Sunday.

TRANSPORT: There is good public transport via bus or train to Camberwell. Check local timetables for trains here and for trams here. The walk from the station takes only a five minutes.

DISABLED ACCESS: Not great for people in wheelchairs. If you are on a walking frame or crutches it would be okay but is tight in some places.

ATM: Lots of ATM’s in Camberwell. Walk up and down Burke Road if you need one.


DOGS: Just tie them up outside in the shade and please clean up any mess they make. Be mindful of them in hot weather.

TOILET FACILITIES: Nearest toilets are in the Market place about 50 metres west of the store.

SOCIAL MEDIA:  Facebook click here.

No Instagram but #salvoopshopcamberwell

WEBSITE: Salvo Op Shop

DONATIONS: Please deliver donations during business hours if possible.

Now it’s your turn. Share your stories of the Salvos Op Shop in Camberwell. Likes, dislikes, bargains you’ve bought and people you’ve met. Leave a comment below.

Happy hunting.

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