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Hunter Gatherer – Fitzroy

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I’m personally not into retro or vintage clothing for myself but do love it when I see someone who carries it off well. Many of those folk come here – to Hunter Gatherer in Fitzroy.

This place is jammed with the most amazing array of clothes from boots, pants, skirts, dresses, hats, gloves, bags and more. For the guys you will be able to find nice fat ties, cravats, blazers and the occasional pointy toed shoes.

The stock comes from the Brotherhood of St Laurence (not-for-profit) whose volunteers go through all their items and handpick the best quality vintage and contemporary pieces and distribute to three of their stores (Fitzroy, CBD and St Kilda) op-like shops.

The store has that smell of years-gone-by, grandma’s home or perhaps your own childhood. Not musty, more camphor or lavender for me.

If you’re after something in particular, just ask the staff. They know what’s in stock and what might be coming or they can put a call out to their other stores.

Little tables spread throughout the store showcase some of the smaller items such as above – scales, pots, flour sifter and so on.

Children are welcome in the store but make sure they are careful in and around the racks of clothes.

What will you find here?

  • Retro and Vintage trinkets
  • Retro and Vintage clothes
  • Bits and bobs that will intrigue you
  • Retro kitchen items, office items and decor items
  • Look up for the lighting

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Wednesday 10.15am – 5.45pm, Thursday 10.15am – 7pm, Friday 10.15am – 8pm. Saturday and Sunday 10.15am – 5.45pm.

PHONE: (03) 9415 7371

LOCATION: 274 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

PARKING: Parking is pretty good out the front but there are time restrictions so note them before getting out of your car. There are meters.

TRANSPORT: There are buses and trams that go along Brunswick Street. Click here for more information.

DISABLED ACCESS: Good disabled access if you are say, using a frame or crutches but not in a wheelchair.

ATM: You can pay by using eftpos, cash or credit card. There are a number of ATM’s along Brunswick Street.


DOGS: Not allowed inside. Do not leave your dog in the car for safety reasons. If needed, tie the dog up outside and put some water out for it.

FOOD: You can get refreshments and light snacks at some of the cafes that are sprinkled along Brunswick Street.

TOILET FACILITIES: There are toilets at some of the cafes but you may need to buy a coffee.


Website – BSL

On Facebook – Hunter Gather BSL

On Instagram – No account but #huntergathererbsl

On Twitter – Hunter Gatherer

Now it’s your turn. Share your stories of Hunter Gatherer in Fitzroy. Likes, dislikes, bargains you’ve bought and people you’ve met. Leave a comment below.

Happy hunting!

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