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60 Before Sixty

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Well 2016 was one of my best but ended as my worst. The highs were as good as they could possible be. But the lows took me to a dark place.

But now we are in 2017 and as I still hang onto those good memories but mourn the loss of someone special, I need to make some goals for this year and beyond. I’m not getting any younger and my body isn’t as flexible, strong or forgiving as it used to be. I still have the stamina of a horse and can outlast many of my younger peers however, what do I want to do / achieve before I’m 60?

I turned 56 on March 16 this year. That gives me four years to tick off some small and big goals – they just have to be achievable. Now I’ve been fortunate to live a very exciting life and you can read much of that in my About here and I’ve written a post on 56 Things I’m Proud of as a 56 Year Old Woman. Which means going white water rafting, abseiling, hiking overnight, sleeping under the stars etc was work. With that in mind, here are some of my goals in the next four years.

# 1 Travel to Brazil,  Mexico, Mauritius, Peru, Northern Lights, Scandanavia

#2 Spend a night in a treehouse

#3 Own five houses that are rented and gaining good capital growth so I can retire comfortably enough to continue travelling

#4 Care for my ageing parents who are currently 85 and 86 but will need me and my siblings more as they get older (fortunately they are fit albeit mum has dementia)

#5 Celebrate my last child graduating from secondary school

#6 Go dog sledding – anywhere

#7 Perfect the ultimate home-made sangria.

#8 Downsize my home to live with less but experience more

#9 Stay in an ice hotel

#10 Be fluent in Auslan (Australian Sign Language)

#11 Continue to support The Greens and everything they stand for about caring for our environment

#12 Share with others the benefits of spending time in nature

#13 Grow my own vegetables again even if it’s just Tom Tomatoes in a pot on the porch

#14 Write 1,000 reviews for Trip Advisor (currently at 955)

#15 Finish another book

#16 Fall in love like I did with Finn

#17 Volunteer overseas in somewhere remote and different to Australia

#18  Watch baby turtles hatch

#19 Prepare a homeless package for someone every month 

#20 Go hot air ballooning over a major city (previously achieved this over the Serengeti)

#21 Visit Uluru and Olga’s

#22 Celebrate Holi in India

#23 Watch the entire Lord of the Rings in one binge

#24 Learn to crochet

#25 Improve my Hindi

#26 Make the perfect brownie – I’m close but not quite there

#27 Broaden my musical taste

#28 Watch at least one TED talk a week 

#29 Help set up my kids for their financial future

#30 Live as minimal as possible

#31 Watch the sunrise in Santorini

#32 Learn to take better photos

#33 Swim with whale sharks

#34 Travel to the top end of Australia – like the very, very northerly point.

#35 Plant pansies at my home

#36 Sort all my photos!

#37 Complete a Times crossword / cryptic crossword

#38 Go to a fortune-teller – just for fun

#39 Make a snow angel

#40 Buy a more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly car

#41 Raise awareness of global warning and take action where I can

#42 Kiss a lover passionately in the pouring rain – this goes with #16

#43 Stay in a yurt – in Mongolia

#44 Swim naked in the sea – again  TICK Thanks Sydney Harbour

#45 Lead climb Little Thor again just to prove it to myself

#46 Jump off a cliff into deep water – Yeh a cenote in Mexico

#47 Meet the Dalai Lama – again

#48 Go to an international soccer match

#49 Have a tarot reading – just for fun

#50 Tick of my last few Ancient Wonders of the World

#51 Go boogey boarding when ever I can

#52 Donate blood again

#53 Let Go of a Floating Lantern in Thailand

#54 Salsa in Cuba

#55 Lead another expedition

#56 See The Book of Mormon

#57 Open my heart

#58 Allow others inside

#59 Be certain

#60 Be loved

Now it’s your turn. What things would you like to tick off your bucket list? Leave a comment below.

Starting from… Now.

I’d like to give credit to Luncindafer and her blog for her own inspiring 30 before Thirty post. I’m twice your age but still know there is lots to do, see, feel and experience.

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