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Salvos Op Shop – Brunswick

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With an eager teenage daughter who is an excellent Op Shopper, she lured me into this large chain Op Shops but what the hell. She immediately heads for the clothes, I immediately head for the furniture.

Brunswick like most other stores of this size are well laid out with space to move around. Items are organised by colour not size. I really would prefer size first, than colour within that size – I know I’m asking a lot but it wastes time pulling out clothes that the colour is great but is a medium. It was rather amusing that the mannequin below was on display just inside the door without the fur coat. As I was leaving, they had just put it on her saying ‘it’s a bit cold for her’. Like their sense of humour.

There is a lot of good 1950’s style furniture but it hasn’t found its vintage / retro place in today’s world although I’m sure one day it will.

Salvos are known for their bedding, where they recondition mattresses and make them affordable for those that need them. I bought one years ago and it was ‘okay’ – not bad but not a pillow top either.


Of course the other place my daughter will haunt would be the book and magazine section. With a couple of old copies of Frankie and a novel, she left very happy after her time in the store.

Lots of shoes and I mean lots of them + handbags. I only have two handbags so not sure how people go through so many but the stock is of good quality.

OMG the wedding gowns. There must have been 20 or 30 – all very different and in lots of sizes. I had something of a ‘Muriel’s Wedding’ moment where I wanted to try on as many as possible as I’ve never worn a true white wedding dress.

Like most stores these days, the batch crockery and kitchen ware by colour. Always appealing and draws you over to see what there is.

I had to add this pic in above because it’s clearly designed for DVD’s or CD’s and yet they aren’t around much these days so who would buy it? It’s still a good, well made (and heavy) item but how to give it a new life I wonder.

If you have any questions or are after something in particular, ask the staff. They are lovely and know what’s around. Funnily enough – no women working in this store on this day. Hmmm?

OPENING HOURS: 9am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday. 9am – 5pm Saturday. Sunday – closed.

LOCATION: 740 Sydney Road, Brunswick

PHONE: (03) 9386 4080

PARKING: There is plenty of parking out the front along Sydney Road or even up the side streets.

TRANSPORT: Trams are excellent along here. Check local timetables for trams here

DISABLED ACCESS: Good disabled access. Wheelchair access is excellent as the aisles are very wide.

ATM: There are a number of ATM’s sprinkled along Sydney Road. You can use EFTPOS or credit card at this store. 


DOGS: Just tie them up outside in the shade and please clean up any mess they make. Be mindful of them in hot weather.

TOILET FACILITIES: Nearest toilets are probably within one of the cafes but you may need to buy a coffee. Ask staff if you’re not sure.

SOCIAL MEDIA:  Facebook click here.

No Instagram but #salvoopshopbrunswick

WEBSITE: Salvo Op Shop

DONATIONS: Please deliver donations during business hours if possible.

Now it’s your turn. Share your stories of the Salvos Op Shop in Brunswick. Likes, dislikes, bargains you’ve bought and people you’ve met. Leave a comment below.

Happy hunting.

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