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Fiji – power supply and plugs


If you’re coming from Australia, New Zealand or Britain, the power supply and plugs are easy. If you’re coming from other destinations, you’ll need to do bring the appropriate plugs and convertors.

Most of the larger hotels an resorts in Fiji offer universal outlets for both 240v or 110v appliances or 11ov adaptors. If you are coming from the U.S. you’ll need to source an Australian 3 pin design.

Note that many cameras, modern laptops, smart phones etc. that require charging accept power inputs that range from 110v – 220v and therefore do not require a power convertor.


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Fiji – money


As a regular traveller, I’m often asked about managing money while overseas including ATM’s, traveller’s cheques and so on. So here is a brief summary of money in Fiji.


The current Fijian Dollar has been in existence since 1969, replacing the Fijian Pound. Even though Fiji has been a republic since 1983, Queen Elizabeth still appeared on their currency until 2013, when they changed the notes completely to feature local flora and fauna. The Fiji Dollar is like Australia’s decimal system and easy to use. The coins available are 5, 10, 20, and 50 cent coins and $1 and $2 coins. The notes that you’ll come into contact with are 5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 much like Australia.


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Fiji – food

Chicken Lovo

The food in Fiji is a wonderful blend of local and international influences. The mixture of fresh, local ingredients that you find in most tropical regions is bountiful – fish, taro, coconut, sweet potatoes, fruit all made traditionally with cooking methods that have been passed down from generation to generation. As well there is a large Indian and Chinese influence which makes for a true culinary treat.

One of the favourite meals was a lovo where meat, fish and vegetables are wrapped in banana leaves are then placed on top of  heated stones, cooked for a couple of hours and served hot.


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Fiji – luggage and bags

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My trip to Fiji was for seven days so I needed a minimal amount of clothes and extras. I was staying at The Novotel so knew there would be towels, some toiletries and so on. This meant I could reduce what I took by around 20% on other trips and therefore, decided to travel with my One Planet Traverse daypack as carry-on luggage.

I use this One Planet daypack a lot for those smaller trips. It’s volume is 38 litres which is a generous size for a short trip. I like the simplicity of this pack. Only one pocket on the top and minimal straps that annoy me because they get snagged and caught on things.


Books & Resources

Audio Book Faves…..so far

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Happiness of Pursuit

To say I’d be lost without my iPhone 6+ would be an understatement. Last year, when I had an iPhone 5 I dropped it in a lake. Doh! A colleague suggested I put it in a bag of rice and after a few hours it was fine. But for those few hours I couldn’t listen to my audio book, get emails, make phone calls, navigate my way to the airport, tell the time (I didn’t wear a watch in those days), even at the airport I couldn’t kill time playing Spell Tower.

What I missed most of all was listening to books. I’m not normally a fiction person but audio books has opened new doors. Genres I wouldn’t normally be interested in I’ve tried out and discovered some great works.

Plus I go through stages. First it was the biography / autobiography stage. Then I tried the dystopia books, then crime followed by true crime, sprinkled with self improvement and classics.


Daily Rituals

Creating your own night routine


I’m probably more a night person than a morning one but my work has me up sometimes at 5am or getting home at midnight. So I can go to bed with a restful mind and then start the next day properly, I’ve created solid practices for both morning and night. In this post it’ll be the night routine. 7 habits to start your day you can find here.

  • Lay out my clothes – I’ll check the weather for the next day and my diary to see what clothes I might need then put the ensemble together, including any accessories.
  • Pack up my computer – I rarely use my computer until I get to work. If I need to check mail, I’ll do it on my iPhone. So I pack it up the night before including any cords and paperwork that I may need.
  • Notepad next to the bed with jotted down notes of things I have to do the following day. I have been known to wake up in a dozey state and scribble some unintelligible task n the notepad.
  • Brush and floss my teeth and at the moment, clean my Invisalign plates. Can’t go to bed without clean teeth.
  • Put on my Arbonne night gel. My skin dries out, particularly in winter so it needs rehydrating overnight. Click here to find the most amazing rep for Arbonne in Australia.
  • Drink a small glass of room temperature water. Too much and I’ll be trotting off to the toilet in the night which is a pain in the neck when camping.
  • Pyjamas – optional depending on temperature. Body making sure my body temperature is right ensures a good night of sleep
  • Go to bed listening to a meditation app. Simply Being is currently my favourite app and it’s free. Check it out here