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If not now, when?

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Care a little more.

Show up.

Embrace possibility.

Tell the truth.

Dive deeper.

Seek the truth behind the story.

Ask the difficult question.

Lend a hand.

Dance with fear.

Play the long game.

Say ‘no’ to hate.

Look for opportunities, especially when it seems like there aren’t any left.

Risk a bigger dream.

Take care of the little guy.

Offer a personal insight.

Build something magical.

Keep your promises.

Do work that matters.

Expect more.

Sign your work.

Be generous for no reason.

Give the benefit of the doubt.

Develop empathy.

Make your mom proud.

Take responsibility.

Give credit.

Play by a better set of rules.

Choose your customers.

Choose your reputation.

Choose your future.

Thank the ref.

Reward patience.



Because we can.

It really is up to us. Which is great, because we’re capable of changing everything if we choose.

All we can do is all we can do, but maybe, all we can do is enough.

Credit to Seth Godin. You can find this on his blog here

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Salvos Little Shed Thrift Shop – Leopold, Geelong

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I’ve picked up a few bargains at this store over the years. It’s bigger than you think and in the warmer month, most people enter via the roller door shed into the furniture section. Here you’ll find couches, beds, mattresses, tables as well as frames, bric-a-brac and so on. 

The shop has an army of volunteers who work tirelessly to step up and assist the ongoing work of The Salvation Army.  All hail the volunteers as these places wouldn’t exist without them.


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The Wave Baptist Church Op Shop – Ocean Grove

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This Op Shop is very popular with locals as well as tourist when they arrive in town and realise they’ve left the fitted sheets at home.

There are two parts to the Op Shop – the actually shop where there are clothes, jewellery books etc. and then a kind of shed to the right where the older stuff and items in less good condition are stored. Don’t let that put you off as there are bargains to be had in here.


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Brougham Street Markets – Geelong

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Geelong just keeps on giving. Op Shops, Markets and the most abundant amount of Antique / Bazaars that are packed full of treasure.


The Brougham Street Market is in the centre of Geelong in the 100 year old historic Dennys Lascelles Wool Store.  Close to the waterfront, you can spend around an hour at least here inspecting all the goodies on display. (more…)

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How Bazaar Antiques – North Geelong

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Unlike many of the trendier Secondhand places look upmarket and funky but don’t let the exterior put you off. This is place is a treasure trove of eclectic pieces for everyone in the family.

Note: this place is probably more for blokes than chicks but as someone who loves everything old, vintage, retro, recycled, repurposed, upcycled, restored and quirky – I found this place brilliant.


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Kyo – Ocean Grove

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I’d say I’ve visited this place every time I visit Ocean Grove which is at least four times a year. Each time, I find something new and interesting as well as those old familiar pieces that I can rely on. This is a trade warehouse that is also open to the public.


There is a very large range of funky, unique and interesting pieces from all around the world albeit with a little bit of an Asian flavour. The owners source their stock from Argentina, India, China and Japan but I’m sure places like Korea and Bali are included in this.  (more…)

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The Amazing Mill Markets – Newcomb, Geelong

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Another day in paradise! Yes these new Vintage Markets setting up around the state where individuals can have their own ongoing stall are a girl like me ‘best friend’. You get to troll through aisles and aisles of quirky, interesting, creative stuff without the hassle of someone saying ‘can I help you?’

Mark Ward is a local businessman and owner of the Mill Market Group which also owns Decor Impact. This is one of three that are operated under the banner of The Mill Markets – Geelong, Daylesford and Ballarat. Covering a massive 12,000 square metres in a large Bunnings style warehouse, this is the place for all treasure hunters to come and find something special.


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Uniting Church Op Shop – Leopold, Geelong

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This is the loveliest little Op Shop and is supported by the The Uniting Church of which the money raised from sales goes straight back into the community.


I love this statement from the organisation: The charity store helps support local initiatives, that in turn help the people who need it most, but it also supports the Church’s bigger mission to provide social justice advocacy work and community welfare services. (gotta love that mission). (more…)