Daily Rituals

Creating your own night routine


I’m probably more a night person than a morning one but my work has me up sometimes at 5am or getting home at midnight. So I can go to bed with a restful mind and then start the next day properly, I’ve created solid practices for both morning and night. In this post it’ll be the night routine. 7 habits to start your day you can find here.

  • Lay out my clothes – I’ll check the weather for the next day and my diary to see what clothes I might need then put the ensemble together, including any accessories.
  • Pack up my computer – I rarely use my computer until I get to work. If I need to check mail, I’ll do it on my iPhone. So I pack it up the night before including any cords and paperwork that I may need.
  • Notepad next to the bed with jotted down notes of things I have to do the following day. I have been known to wake up in a dozey state and scribble some unintelligible task n the notepad.
  • Brush and floss my teeth and at the moment, clean my Invisalign plates. Can’t go to bed without clean teeth.
  • Put on my Arbonne night gel. My skin dries out, particularly in winter so it needs rehydrating overnight. Click here to find the most amazing rep for Arbonne in Australia.
  • Drink a small glass of room temperature water. Too much and I’ll be trotting off to the toilet in the night which is a pain in the neck when camping.
  • Pyjamas – optional depending on temperature. Body making sure my body temperature is right ensures a good night of sleep
  • Go to bed listening to a meditation app. Simply Being is currently my favourite app and it’s free. Check it out here


Daily Rituals

My morning routine

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We are all different and how we start our day is unique to everyone. I’m not really a morning person but I’ve never had trouble getting out of bed when I need to. So what’s your choice when that alarm goes off? Hit snooze and roll over or get up and start the day. Interestingly enough, I nearly always wake five minutes before my alarm goes off.

So here are some habits that I have that may help you start your day:Breakfast


Living Simply

Thoughts on living simply

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Living simply isn’t about tossing all your worldly possessions and living out of your car. It’s about meaningful, deliberate action to minimise ‘the stuff’ that clutter our everyday life.

  • The excess
  • The gifts
  • The sentimental
  • The books
  • The clothes – OMG the clothes!