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Poppy Pretzel – Passage into Puberty

As a young girl, the onset of puberty can be daunting and sometimes frightening. For some, talking to their family and friends about the changes in their bodies can be embarrassing. With the help of Poppy Pretzel – Passage into Puberty, young girls can now get the information they need in their own time and in their own entertaining way. More importantly, it discusses the emotional issues in puberty and in the language of teenagers

As a parent, I was thrilled to read this book and pass onto my daughter. Light hearted, uplifting and full of real facts. It’s not about sex, which my 11-year-old certainly isn’t ready to read but she’s more than ready to find out more about puberty.” Elizabeth P.

Poppy Pretzel can be read by a young person on their own or with their parents – allowing the freedom to explore the topic in their own time. Written for 9 to 14 year olds, it’s both an engaging and informative read that will encourage girls to be more open and less embarrassed when talking about their period.

For many readers, the feedback has been that the book “fills in the gaps” that they weren’t sure of. Receiving rave reviews, this book is essential for all growing families.

You can order a signed copy from me + dedication by emailing me at

 Poppy Book Front Cover

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Levi Sprocket – what’s in my pocket?

Welcome to the latest character by Debi Slinger – Levi Sprocket. This book is the sequel to Poppy Pretzel – Passage into Puberty where a teenage boy goes on a journey of self-awareness.

Levi Sprocket is a laid back, easy-going guy, who dreams of one day being an actor. However, Levi’s journey growing up comes with some pitfalls and embarrassing moments as he deals with the changes within his body and with his maturing attitude. When he discovers that his friendships with girls isn’t the way it used to be, it takes him by surprise. Join Levi as he steps into his adulthood.

At last a book that talks in the language of boys. He was hooked by the first paragraph and chuckled his way through the entire book in a day. Then surprise, surprise he asked me about puberty. Thank you Debi, you’ve opened the communication door between us and Jackson has grown up just that little bit more.” Katie L.

Levi Sprocket front cover


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