Random Street Art

Guerilla Art
Street Art

I call it Random Street Art – fun, simple and a message in small creative projects.

My aim is to make and create serendipitous moments in everyday lives with handcrafted pieces. Each one is a ‘one off’, unique and special to whoever is lucky enough to come across one.

The gifts can be found at bus stops, cafes, libraries, well anywhere really.
Remember what a special place we live in.
Share the magic.
Spread the love.
Send across the world – with some projects now on every continent.

Projects cross all age barriers from toddlers to elderly citizens. Sharing in the love of ‘giving’, particularly from one stranger to another is special. Spreading the word of each project and passing on the story that goes with each piece.

My aim is to connect people and consciousness of the world around them through art.

My work can currently be found across the World on all continents – and spreading.  Many pieces are now held privately, ready to be ‘released’ when the owner finds it timely.

As a teacher of mosaics, transparent mosaics, needle felting, wire sculpture, hebel sculpture and recycled art since 1998 I’m getting the hang of what ‘floats peoples boats’. Keep it simple. Keep it fun. Keep in meaningful.

I look forward to sharing my ideas and hearing yours.
XO Debi