Photos of Travelling Owls

Monty – UK
#17 Juu Schichi - Tokyo
#17 Juu Schichi – Tokyo
#20 Rosie at Cataract Gorge
#20 Rosie
#20 Rosie
#20 Rosie on the Sapphire Princess Cruise


#49 Bridget in Fiji
#41 Skye at Uluru
South Africa
A Parliament of Owls
Tosh - Croatia
Tosh – Croatia
Sir Barkolot - Mt Buller
Sir Barkolot – Mt Buller
#9 Snowy - Mt Stirling
#9 Snowy – Mt Stirling
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu
Molly - Texas
Molly – Texas
#24 Molly with Bella the dog
#24 Molly with Bella the dog
Sir Barkolot - New Zealand
Sir Barkolot – New Zealand


Snowy at The Great Pyramids
Snowy at Giza
Snowy at The Sphinx
Snowy at Site of The Lighthouse, Alexandria
Snowy at Dahab, Egypt looking to Saudi Arabia
Snowy at Dead Sea
Snowy at The Treasury, Petra
Snowy at Entrance to Wadi Rum, Jordan
Snowy at Snow above Petra, Jordan
Snowy at Wadi Rum at sunset, Jordan
Snowy at Karrak Castle, Jordan